Students against destructive decisions!

What is SADD?

SADD’s mission is to empower young people to successfully confront the risks and pressures that challenge them throughout their daily lives.  Our mission is accomplished by creating, equipping, and sustaining a network of student-run chapters in schools and communities focused on peer-to-peer education. SADD fosters a sense of belonging and promotes resiliency, leadership, and advocacy skills so that young people make positive life decisions that will carry them throughout life.

Join Missouri SADD

Are you interested in starting a SADD chapter?  Schools in Missouri, along with community groups, are eligible for chapter membership.  For support, please contact the Missouri SADD Coordinator.

Join A Virtual Missouri SADD Chapter

Are you a high school or college student interested in SADD but don’t have a local chapter or cannot start a chapter?  Get involved with Virtual Missouri SADD!  Join today to work on statewide initiatives to improve the lives of youth while learning how to enact SADD programming in your own community.

Personalized SADD Chapter Logo Request

Please enter your information to receive a free personalized SADD Logo for your SADD Chapter. Please enter your preferred chapter name for the logo, e.g. initials, school name or city name.

State Contact Information

Missouri SADD is managed and operated by ACT Missouri, the statewide prevention catalyst that promotes safe, healthy, and drug-free communities.  Two statewide coordinators are available to assist you in building a strong, successful SADD chapter.

Chris Dzurick
Missouri SADD Coordinator
2208 Missouri Blvd. Ste. 102 #122
Jefferson City, MO 65109
(573) 544-0914

Alicia Ozenberger
Missouri SADD Coordinator
2208 Missouri Blvd. Ste. 102 #122
Jefferson City, MO 65109
(573) 544-0914

SADD Chapter Management Guidance

As an active chapter of Missouri SADD, you are the catalyst for change in your community. Whether you are tackling traffic safety and distracted driving, making a change to prevent abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, or providing resources for mental health, your SADD chapter will make a difference.
This guide was developed by the Missouri SADD State Office to provide chapters with ideas to develop their chapter, including recruitment and retention of members. Additionally, you’ll find sample ideas for social media, press releases, and more.

Program of Work (POW)

Being a student leader requires organizing many ideas, passions, and activities. Keeping track of all these activities can be challenging without a framework that keeps track of the who, what, when, where and why of your priorities for the year.

A Program of Work, or POW, serves as this framework for your SADD chapter. The POW helps your chapter to organize your chapter by:

    • Ensuring your priorities align to the goals of SADD
    • Explaining all the steps, or tasks, that need to be completed
    • Assigning responsibility for completion
    • Setting deadlines
    • Through this guide, your chapter will learn what is needed to develop a POW for your chapter.

SADD Chapter Newsletter Archive

SADD Chapter 101 Instructional Videos

A great place to start if you have questions about SADD.

SADD Chapter Management 101-
Accessing and Utilizing the SADD Portal

SADD Chapter Management 101-
Membership Recruitment & Meeting Management

SADD Chapter Management 101-
Creating a SADD Leadership & Officer Team

SADD Chapter Management 101-
Implementing SADD Programs in Your School & Community

SADD Chapter Management 101-
Questions and Answers

SADD Chapter Poster

Download the SADD Chapter Poster here.

SADD Monthly Program Guide

This guide is full of all of the great projects and programs going on in SADD Nation during the month of November.

SADDOPOLY Board Graphic


SADD-opoly is a year-long program that promotes strong, healthy SADD chapters, all based on the hit board game Monopoly.
Chapters progress through the game-board over the course of the year, earning “dollars” for each space they complete

Getting Started

SADD-Opoly Game Board Image

Gameboard Download

To get started, download an official gameboard. You won’t need anything else to play except the hard work of your students and community

How to Play


Learn how to play SADD-Opoly. Download here.


Submit your quarterly SADD-Opoly report here

Calendar representation

Game Play Periods

The game is organized into game play periods to help your chapter plan participation.

  • Semester 1 – 9/1/21 – 12/31/21
  • Quarter 1 – 9/1/21 – 10/31/21
  • Quarter 2 – 11/1/21 – 12/31/21
  • Semester 2 – 1/1/22 – 5/15/22
  • Quarter 3 – 1/1/22 – 3/15/22
  • Quarter 4 – 3/16/22 – 5/15/22
    All Year – 10/1/21 – 5/15/22

Reporting of activity completion is done quarterly via a SADD-opoly Quarterly Reporting Form. Forms are available at www.actmissouri.org/sadd-programs.