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PROM Campaign Kickoff Webinar

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports an increase in teen related vehicular deaths the weekends of prom and graduation season, with 1 in 3 teen related vehicular deaths occurring in this annual period alone.

Please Return on Monday (PROM) is a statewide campaign to promote safe decision making by teens before, during, and after their school district’s prom.  Students are at risk of peer pressure use drugs and alcohol and, mixed with late night driving, the risk is far too great to ignore.  Use can occur during unsupervised moments such as transportation to and from prom functions and during parties after prom. 


  • Provide a direct to attendee method of communication regarding prom risks
  • Engage school and community leaders to showcase community benefit
  • Reduce the percentage of youth engaging in risky behavior before, during, and after prom


  • Floral, Tux & Dress Cards
  • Elementary & Middle School Letter Writing Campaign
  • Staff & Chaperone Posters
  • Staff & Chaperone Stickers
  • Project Prom
  • #PromToPJs Challenge or #PromPullIn Challenge


All Missouri public and private high schools are eligible to participate.  Participation does not require registration but reporting is required to be counted as a participating school.


Participating schools should implement PROM Campaign activities before, during, and after their school’s prom.

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Reporting and Recognition

Reporting of participation is due by May 15, 2022.  Participating schools will be recognized on ACT Missouri social media.