Have a Minor in Your Possession?

Sometimes talking to your tween or teen seems like an exercise in futility.  They may not be actively listening, but they do hear you!  Everything you need to start the conversation is just a click away!


Raise awareness about the importance of talking to your kids early and often about underage drinking and drug use

Emphasize that parents are the most powerful influence on their children’s behavior and ability to make positive choices

If you give them the knowledge, language, and skills to refuse; they will!

Key Findings

Most Missouri parents think that underage drinking and drug use are what most concerns them

More than 90% of Missouri parents have talked about alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana with their children. These are the most used substances by Missouri youth.

4 out of 5 Missouri parents think that alcohol and substance use put their kids at great risk.

3 out of 4 Missouri parents know that marijuana is addictive.

62% of Missouri parents believe marijuana should remain illegal, and most agree that marijuana use is never a good thing for children.


These data are from:

  • Parent Perceptions Survey, 2015. University of Missouri, Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis (OSEDA)
  • Parental Attitudes and Knowledge of Youth Substance Use, Missouri Institute of Mental Health, Missouri’s Behavioral Health Epidemiological Workgroup


The Parents Matter Campaign is a project of the Missouri Substance Use Prevention Network and ACT Missouri.